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Weightloss Goal - Week Ending 9/28

So I've been on Weight Watchers for 20 weeks now.  I've lost just under 20lbs and have 9 more pounds to go.  I've been fluctuating up and down 4 pounds for a month now and it's stopping this week. 

You read everywhere that you should reward yourself for meeting a goal and this is something that I haven't been doing, but I'm going to start now and see if I can't get motivated yet again to reach my goal.  I don't have much money, but at the same time, I NEVER spend money on something I really want unless it's a pizza or Outback, so the $20-$30 I spend on reward food is going to go to something else, not much, but a little something every week for me. 

This week I'm shooting for a 1-2lb. loss.  
for a 1-1.9lb. loss I'm going to buy this cute little leather coaster set from World Market
for 2lbs. I'm going to get the coaster set and a new purse :)  [not Prada, I assure you - I'm talking Wal-Mart purse]

I weigh in Thursday, so we'll see  - I REALLY want a new purse :)

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Good luck :D