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Last Saturdays weight; ##st 10lbs
This Saturdays weight; ##st 8lbs
Weightloss; 2lbs

GET IN. I had a takeaway as well :O
And I'm weak at the weekends because during the week when I'm at work I go to the market on the way to work and buy fruit for the morning, then I go back for more fruit if I'm hungry. At the weekend it's easy to eat rubbish :/ Take last weekend, I had a Bueno, some toffee poppets and something else I can't remember. I also had a milky way or two at work in the past week, and some caramel shortbread yesterday.

It's been a god week, but I haven't been overly strict (as you can see!) and I haven't really been counting to be honest, as like, if I cook something like pasta with sauce and tinned fish and cheese, I honestly cannot be bothered to work out its points value.
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YEAH on the 2 lbs!!! Ain't it great when you aren't so strict on yourself and STILL loose the weight!
I know, how cool :D it makes me feel better about being able to do it! - imagine how much i could potentially lose if i stuck to it religiously?!

Deleted comment

Thank you :D

Dead chuffed :D:D