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--So, despite the HUGE American portions....

I've managed to NOT PUT ON ANY WEIGHT! Yesss, how good is that?! I'm dead chuffed, so okay, I haven't LOST any, but considering what I've been eating, I'm pretty damn pleased with myself :D

My [main] resolution for New Year is to lose weight. I'm not going to set any daft targets, I'm just going to try eating better, and Laurence has already told me he'll buy me a gym membership ♥ I know I bought my fitness videos, but I think I was a bit hopeful about them - once I'm home after work, I want to relax etc, sooooo, the plan would be to get off the train and THEN go to the gym before I get home.

I'm hoping to join the LivingWell which is at the Hilton near to the train station, and [I believe] also has a swimming pool, which I'd like to take advantage of....something to look into, I have no idea about cost, but I think convenience is going to be more important in terms of me being likely to go.

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