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Good or Bad??? U Tell Me.....

I weighed in today and didn't reach my 1lb goal  dangit!!  I REALLY wanted those coasters!!! 

I honestly wasn't expecting to loose any this week, I cheated too much, but still, I was hoping. Now that I'm off the steroids and I can start walking again.... which is what I intend to do first thing in the morning... I'm hoping to overcome this plateu.   I have had pneumonia, but I think I can handle a quick 1 mile walk twice a day- shouldn't hurt. (I hope). 

I WAS able to wear this cute little shirt and a pair of black dress pants (polyester & spandex in a Small!) that a tiny friend of mine gave me last week.  WOW!  I couldn't believe how great I looked in them!!!   My legs weren't rubbing together!!!!   My legs have rubbed together for over 30 years!!!! They even had an elastic waist and I didn't have to constantly keep pulling it up over a fat roll all day!!!!   YIPPIE!!

I even had a complete stranger come up to me today in the grocery store parking lot and ask me out.  SWEET!  OK, a little on the creepy side that dude stalked me out of the grocery store, but flattering none the less :)

You know, I guess the lack of actual "weight loss" wasn't what counted today.  I look good damnit!  And I'm so freaking proud of myself!! 

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