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Aiming for a weight loss of (at least!) 2 lbs/wk, as recommended by ___mush ;)
= 26 lbs = just less than 2 stone?
(yep, I am FAT).
= 1# 11.

= 39lbs
= 2 st 11
= 1# st 12

Uggggh, still fat.
This is grim.

I think, I'm just going to go for it?

Not to an obsessive 'anorexic' extent, but I'm sick of this, I want to get off a reasonable portion of this excess weight I am carrying by Xmas (New York). Blatantly going to need all the help/support I can get :/

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Yeah I'm not going to go on a mad obsessive diet or anything silly. I think, because I have so much excess to lose, I should be able to lose it easily (to begin with at least).....like at the moment, I'm not sticking rigidly to WW (which I know allows me to lose weight) but I'm still losing a bit (2lbs last week for no real effort) so I figure my body wants rid of it, so if I'm a bit stricter, I should in theory, be able to lose a bit more.

Don't worry though, I'm honestly not going to be stupid about it, I just want to lose as much as possible between now and Xmas and then I'll just "eat well" and hopefully lose more, but presumably more slowly...

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I'm going with my boyfriend for Christmas :D We're going on 23rd December for 5 nights and ohhh, I'm sooo looking forward to it - I just want to photos to be good, if you know what I mean?!

I just graduated from uni and I look a bit 'bulky' on the photos, so it's not a great thing to look back to, & a bit ahead of myself (lol) but I always joked saying I wouldn't get married until I was slim again because I didn't want to look like a whale on all the pictures - especially after my sister got married and looked a million dollars :D

So yeh, now I don't want to ruin the photos of New York ;P but until then, looking onwards and upwards (or downwards so far as the weight goes).

Karohi, I believe that you have finally reached "the point"... once you reach this mindset, the rest is easy. I have struggled with my weight all of my life. I have done the "hard core", hour of cardio 6 days a week, lifting weights 4 days a week, eating clean - never got below 25% body fat. Finally gave up, became more miserable and gain A LOT of weight. Easter was my breaking point when my sister, who is 40 and has had 2 kids walks in with the cutest pants suit on looking like a fitness model.
I joined weight watchers that week hoping for some sort of support/help. 13 weeks following weight watchers and i drop 20lbs. without hardly trying. All I did was follow the plan (well, ok, I have beer & pizza every Friday while watching Stargate, but that's a guilty pleasure)

I'm not killing myself at the gym anymore, I'm not eating the tasteless, bland "clean" food, and I've reached a weight that I haven't seen since 5th grade (I'm 34 now). Follow the plan as well as you can and the next thing you know you'll be under the bright lights of New York in a hot little black number partying the night away.

I will suggest one form of exercise - it's all i've done..... walk. I don't even do the fast "mall walk" I just walk. I have a dog, but she's content with chasing a ball for exercise, I instead walk her. 20 min in the morning, 20 min. at night. It makes a HUGE difference in her attitude and mine. I never believed any of the talk about how great just walking is, but it has truely helped more than anything.

Good luck and keep us posted!!!!

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yeah, I understand where you're coming from and totally agree with you.

But also, U have to realize I come from the south, here, it's not chemicals or additives that I was raised on/addicted to. It was veggies out of the garden, and said veggies were GREAT, always loved them, still do...but hell anything soaked in eggs, rolled in corn meal, and fried in lard (pork fat - NOT crisco) is good, still is. Luckily, I live alone and refuse to cook this way, but mama still cooks all the time, so when I get the craving for fried, lard ridden veggies, I go eat some... I just don't bring home leftovers anymore.

That, and I can't cook worth a crap, so bland is how everything always came out. :)
I'm glad that my parents brought me up to enjoy fruit and vegetables. So many people I know don't like eating fruit, and don't have vegetables with their meals. I can't understand it, fruit and veg are delicious - and they're good for you!

I don't have vegetables with every meal I have, but I think I probably just about have my five portions a day...I wouldn't make myself eat another portion just to make up that allowance, but I think I am doing okay!

As for processed food, I like very few of the 'ready meals' you can get - often I find the meat tastes horrible, and it's just not the same. I had a weightwatchers meal once, and while the sauce was lovely, and the rice with it was, well, rice-like, the chicken was horrible - I ended up leaving it :/

I guess from that respect I have been 'spoilt' by my parents always providing fresh produce - it costs more to buy, but it tastes considerably better so can't really complain!
I had good intentions to join the gym, it's just so expensive, especially when I can't guarantee that I will feel like going as much as would be required to make it worthwhile.

The walking is a good idea though. I just don't know how much it helps. I walk to the train station in the morning, 10-15mins I guess (then five mins at the other end to my work), and then the same again at night - quite a brisk pace in both directions.....I got my bike out the other night but the seat is sooo hard my ass was killing, haha!

I think I will see how I go with the eating and maybe get an exercise video or something to do in my lounge....

Thanks for all your encourangement :) xx