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--So, despite the HUGE American portions.... [30 Dec 2006|08:05pm]

[ mood | fat ]

I've managed to NOT PUT ON ANY WEIGHT! Yesss, how good is that?! I'm dead chuffed, so okay, I haven't LOST any, but considering what I've been eating, I'm pretty damn pleased with myself :D

My [main] resolution for New Year is to lose weight. I'm not going to set any daft targets, I'm just going to try eating better, and Laurence has already told me he'll buy me a gym membership ♥ I know I bought my fitness videos, but I think I was a bit hopeful about them - once I'm home after work, I want to relax etc, sooooo, the plan would be to get off the train and THEN go to the gym before I get home.

I'm hoping to join the LivingWell which is at the Hilton near to the train station, and [I believe] also has a swimming pool, which I'd like to take advantage of....something to look into, I have no idea about cost, but I think convenience is going to be more important in terms of me being likely to go.

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-- [06 Dec 2006|09:26pm]


Oh yes! Yummy food - it's pretty self explanatory, but it's basically just a community to share recipe ideas and share tips/advice, ask for recipe ideas for a special occasion, ask for recipes suitable for certain dietary requirements. Anything you can think of regarding yummy food ;)

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[14 Oct 2006|12:36pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Last night I cooked a stirfry, it involved
[>>] 7 king prawns
[>>] baby carrots [from frozen]
[>>] green beans [from frozen]
[>>] tinned pineapple
[>>] spicy szechuan (sp) tomato sauce

Today I am 2lbs lighter than I was yesterday morning - um?

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Hey everyone. [14 Oct 2006|09:55am]

I'm an Aussie girl who's been big all of her life and been fine with it. But just recently my two housemates joined up with Weightwatchers, so I decided to go along to support them.
And then....bleh. I saw what I weighed, which shocked me.
So now, I'm doing this for real, not just to be there for my friends, but also for myself.
So yeah, that's pretty much it.
I look foreward to talking to you all!

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Desserts to avoid!!!! [13 Oct 2006|07:02am]


If you've never been to hungry-girl.com check it out - they send a newsletter out everyday with some very informative info on different diet foods.  Today's newsletter was about resturant desserts to avoid - disturbing really

Luckily, the fine ladies at Hungry-Girl offer alternatives

I was thinking about going out to eat tonight - think I'll just stay at home now :)

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[11 Oct 2006|08:53pm]

Oh God. I need to get into this seriously, but argh, it's so so hard :(

We need to start planning what we are going to eat and when and then that will potentially make it easier for me to stop snacking etc if I know...& I'm going to start making and taking food to work again as I simply cannot afford to keep spending my money on lunch whilst I'm at work. There is a cake in the cupboard. I might eat it now just so I can "start again" tomorrow.

I'm back up to 14st 12lbs having got back down to 14st 8 or 9 :/ I partially blame being away this past weekend for my brothers wedding as I ate A LOT - because like, it was provided and eating what is provided at a function like that, well, it's the done thing isn't it?

I'm oh so happy planning my holiday to New York, and buying embellishments to make a lush scrapbook when I return, that I get carried away and forget that I wont WANT to make a scrapbook if I look like a heiffer in the photographs.

this is when I become a loser:

In seventy three (73) days we'll be going.
So like, if I lost a pound a day I'd lose like 5 stone, haha how cool would that be?! :O

Ideally (but how realistic???) I would like to lose 2stone + (28lbs).
What's that? 3lbs a week. Just less than?
Is that doable if I exercise as well?

I know it's unrealistic but I may try and drop three pounds by Sunday, then I can continue to weigh-in every Sunday.

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Good or Bad??? U Tell Me..... [28 Sep 2006|06:58pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I weighed in today and didn't reach my 1lb goal  dangit!!  I REALLY wanted those coasters!!! 

I honestly wasn't expecting to loose any this week, I cheated too much, but still, I was hoping. Now that I'm off the steroids and I can start walking again.... which is what I intend to do first thing in the morning... I'm hoping to overcome this plateu.   I have had pneumonia, but I think I can handle a quick 1 mile walk twice a day- shouldn't hurt. (I hope). 

I WAS able to wear this cute little shirt and a pair of black dress pants (polyester & spandex in a Small!) that a tiny friend of mine gave me last week.  WOW!  I couldn't believe how great I looked in them!!!   My legs weren't rubbing together!!!!   My legs have rubbed together for over 30 years!!!! They even had an elastic waist and I didn't have to constantly keep pulling it up over a fat roll all day!!!!   YIPPIE!!

I even had a complete stranger come up to me today in the grocery store parking lot and ask me out.  SWEET!  OK, a little on the creepy side that dude stalked me out of the grocery store, but flattering none the less :)

You know, I guess the lack of actual "weight loss" wasn't what counted today.  I look good damnit!  And I'm so freaking proud of myself!! 

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Weightloss Goal - Week Ending 9/28 [26 Sep 2006|04:11pm]

[ mood | content ]

So I've been on Weight Watchers for 20 weeks now.  I've lost just under 20lbs and have 9 more pounds to go.  I've been fluctuating up and down 4 pounds for a month now and it's stopping this week. 

You read everywhere that you should reward yourself for meeting a goal and this is something that I haven't been doing, but I'm going to start now and see if I can't get motivated yet again to reach my goal.  I don't have much money, but at the same time, I NEVER spend money on something I really want unless it's a pizza or Outback, so the $20-$30 I spend on reward food is going to go to something else, not much, but a little something every week for me. 

I weigh in Thursday, so we'll see  - I REALLY want a new purse :)

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[24 Sep 2006|11:47am]

[ mood | determined ]

13 weeks (just less than)Collapse )

I think, I'm just going to go for it?

Not to an obsessive 'anorexic' extent, but I'm sick of this, I want to get off a reasonable portion of this excess weight I am carrying by Xmas (New York). Blatantly going to need all the help/support I can get :/

[x to karohi]

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--YAY! [23 Sep 2006|11:26am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Last Saturdays weight; ##st 10lbs
This Saturdays weight; ##st 8lbs
Weightloss; 2lbs

GET IN. I had a takeaway as well :O
And I'm weak at the weekends because during the week when I'm at work I go to the market on the way to work and buy fruit for the morning, then I go back for more fruit if I'm hungry. At the weekend it's easy to eat rubbish :/ Take last weekend, I had a Bueno, some toffee poppets and something else I can't remember. I also had a milky way or two at work in the past week, and some caramel shortbread yesterday.

It's been a god week, but I haven't been overly strict (as you can see!) and I haven't really been counting to be honest, as like, if I cook something like pasta with sauce and tinned fish and cheese, I honestly cannot be bothered to work out its points value.

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